Technology at BMP


FCPSOn is intended to extend student learning and ensure that students have equal opportunity to develop Portrait of a Graduate attributes by providing them with opportunities to control the time, place, path, and pace of their learning through meaningful learning experiences.

While Bren Mar Park is not an FCPSOn school yet, we are excited that our third, fourth, and fifth graders will be 1:1 (One to One). When you hear about 1:1 technology, it means there will be one device for each student to use for learning. The FCPS Strategic Plan Ignite includes 1:1 as a component of the Student Success goal. Providing a device to students moves the district significantly closer to achieving that goal.

We also know that a properly implemented 1:1 program can have a significant impact on student success because it increases a teacher’s ability to personalize student learning.

Digital Citizenship

Learning to use technology responsibly, or being a good digital citizen, is an important aspect of FCPSOn. Digital citizenship is described as the norms of appropriate and responsible behavior when using technology. It includes having an understanding of the positive and negative impacts technology use can have on yourself or others. Teachers are incorporating information about digital citizenship throughout their instruction. Creating an awareness of digital citizenship helps teachers and parents talk about what all users should know regarding appropriate technology use.

FCPS utilizes the Common Sense Education K-12 curriculum to provide students with knowledge and skills they need to approach their digital participation with empathy, ethics and a sense of individual, social and civic responsibility. In addition, teachers embed digital citizenship education daily as students engage with technology for learning and when possible, make connections to curriculum concepts being taught.

Resources for Home

Digital Citizenship Lessons at School

Students at Bren Mar Park will be engaging in Digital Citizenship lessons throughout the school year. Each lesson is accompanied by a family tip sheet to help families support and build upon the concepts being learned at school. (Translated versions of the family tip sheets are available using the link above)

Your child will experience specific stand alone lessons this school year. Parents can access the lessons by logging into FCPS 24-7 ParentView, clicking the Curriculum tab and then the Digital Citizenship tab.


FCPS provides an array of technology resources to ensure students experience a digitally rich learning environment that meets their instructional needs.

Student Device Guidelines

The school division works to ensure that every student has Access to Technology and the internet by exploring innovative programs, coordinating and supporting divisionwide and school initiatives, and developing public and private partnerships. FCPS has relationships with community business and organizations to provide free or discounted computers and internet service. Schools also offer computer and MiFi (mini wifi) check outs as well as extended library and computer lab access.